Sarah J. Pavlik is a contemporary quilt artist residing in Lewes, Delaware.

     "Like many art quilters, I began working as a traditional quilter, drawn to fabric as a part of my identity growing up in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota.  As I became aware of quilts as “art” twenty years ago and began to study with Quilt Artist Nancy Crow, I became driven to create original compositions in fabric.  I began dyeing my own fabric, sometimes over-dyed three times over, to achieve rich colors like a painter does when creating their palette.  I am inspired by abstract composition; shapes, lines, color, movement, and creating visual interest. 

     I may start with a sketch or a motif or configuration but mostly work improvisationally.  Pieces are not cut all the same size or necessarily planned.  I cut lines, and shapes with a rotary cutter, which becomes an extension of my arm, and place them on my design wall not knowing ahead what the overall composition might be, working intuitively without rulers.  I stand back and react to the shapes, the lines…continually moving them around until the desired composition is achieved.   I then take those shapes and lines to the sewing machine to stitch them together.  Heavy linear quilting typically finalizes the piece.  My goal is to create a composition that evokes movement, tension, and a desire to continue to look at the work."

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